The Sabbat had its eyes on Pacific City since its founding. Sandwiched between the Sabbat strongholds of Mexico and Canada lies the vast area of the United States, and the previous Regent (de facto leader) of the Sabbat wanted an overland connection. As most of California is occupied by the Anarch Free State, moving down West Coast was the most logical way to do this.

Not that the Crusade for Pacific City was a particularly planned affair. Sabbat packs threw themselves at the triple Camarilla strongholds of Pacific City, Seattle and Portland with regularity, so news of another Sabbat incursion into the outskirts of Pacific City did not ring any particular alarm bells.

Only this time, the Sabbat bit down for real. While the errant war party looking for bit of bloody fun went down rather quickly in the fires in and around the Black Hole, an erstwhile Anarch dive, the incursion revealed that Prince Alderic Reeds hold on the city was tenuous at best. Throw in a zombie rising and some infernal fires, and you got a city on the brink of collapse.

Thus, a Crusade was called by one of the Bishops of Vancouver, the Ultra-Conservative Eleanora Nyazik, and her pack, the Claws Of Caine. Other cities quickly threw in their support, with most Archbishops encouraging their most troublesome packs and members to take part. If the Sabbat wins, great. If the Crusade falters, then they are rid of some of their most difficult Caiintes. A win-win situation, one might say.

The Crusade grew to involve eight Packs, thus, close to 20 vampires, and quickly took half of Pacific City by storm, driving Anarchs and Camarilla alike onto the other side of the Red Stream River. However, while leading her Pack across the river, Archbishop-to-be Nyazik and most of her followers were wiped out by an explosion.

So now, the Sabbat sulks this side of the River, and its chronic infighting is about to flare up anew. Three Pack Leaders have thrown in their hat for the position of Archbishop:

  • Nicolet Zala, Pack Priestess of the Weepers pack, a powerful Koldunic sorceress, politically an Orthodox, wishing to guide the Sabbat back to its mystical and religious roots
  • Sigfrid Michelson, Ductus of the Ravagers, an old, grizzled Brujah Antitribu, politically a Loyalist, and a staunch believer in the old Anarch Revolt ideas of every “vampire a free monster”
  • Sanislaw Tomasek, once an exiled Bishop from Calgary, now the Ductus of the Stone Angels. An Ultra-Conservative, Stanislaw wows to continue the fight against the hated Antedeluvians, their Camarilla puppets, and all internal Sabbat opposition until their they or he meets Final Death

SO here is where we stand at the start of the campaign. Half of a city, overflowing with vampires, gang warfare, and indirect Camarilla machinations (up to and including martial law being declared), and a Sabbat Consecration of the City without a clear leader.


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