Sabbat packs

Here are the Sabbat Pack currently in Pacific City. At is stands, they have a short description, a political allegiance, if they have any, their Ductus (pack leader) and Pack Priest.

The Weepers

This all-female pack earned its name due to their mastery of the Koldunic sorcery knowns as The Path Of Sorrows. Excellent emotional manipulators, their rites are filled with exultation, passion, pain, pleasure, the highs and lows of Cainite excasty in equal measure. Devoted followers of the Path Of Lilith, they hope to make Pacific City their new home, hounded as they are by the more traditional Sabbat and its adherence to the Path Of Caine. Perhaps Pacific CIty can be turned into their sanctuary, the end of their long Pilgrimage.
Pack Priestess: Nicoleta Zala, Tzimisce Koldun
Ducta: Noora Dobrow, Tzimisce
Allegiance: Orthodoxy

The Ravagers

This unruly band of antitribu has made its name terrorizing Camarilla cities on the Canada-USA border, and has made the unlife of many a Prince very difficult. However, in doing so, they also de-stabilized several Sabbat cities, and were thus first among the pack who were volunteered for the Crusade. They have taken considerable losses, and are now down to only three vampires. Nevertheless, Sigfrid is a firm believer in the old ideas of vampiric supremacy, and vampiric “democracy”, ad will stop at nothing to turn Pacific City into a haven for likeminded monsters.
Pack Priest: Billy “Bloodfangs” Ramos, Ravnos antitribu
Ductus: Sigfird Michelson, Brujah antitirbu
Allegiance: Loyalists

The Stone Angels

Formed around a core of Gargoyles, this particular pack wants nothing more than to tear down the hated Tremere, their afe haven, the Ivory Tower of the Camarilla, and the shadowy abominations, the Antedeluvians, who are behind it all. The Sabbat must be united, must be whipped into shape, beaten into line, and yes, even interaction with mortals must be considered. No price is too big to pay for the ultimate goal of killing all Antedeluvians, and woe betide those who stand is Stanislaw’s way.
Pack Priest : Theobald Sykorsky, Gargoyle (originally of Gangrel stock)
Ductus: Stanislaw Tomasek, Gargoyle (originally of Nosferatu stock)
Allegiance: Ultra-Conservative

EDIT: Enfants have been toned down, with the rape backstory removed. Now they are more like a child cult from The Children Of The Corn, or that creepy kid from the Twilight Zone.

Les Enfants Terribles

The Dust Bowl was a horrible time and place to be a child. Children were, despite the best efforts of the government, regularly sold, to get rid of a mouth to feed, and to get some food, or money, or one more month before the mob took your life. Tony was one such child, his life bargained for nothing more than a weeks worth of bread. The modern-day slave-driver who bought him along with all the other children of the block soon regretted this decision, as Tony organized the children into a gang, spying, selling secrets, poisoning drinks, and taking their vengeance on the world of adults who so cruelly abandoned them. This madness caught the eye of a wandering Malkavian, and one night, Tony was once again torn from his world.
Since then, he, ans his cadre of child ghouls, vessels, and vampires has waged a campaign of terror on the world. Luckily for the Sabbat, most of this destruction could be directed toward the Camarilla, whom Tony sees as the embodiment of abusive parents. Archbishps everywhere hoped that these malcontent children would perish in the Crusade. Guess again.
Pack Priest: Isaac, the Sacrifical Lamb, Malkavian
Ductus: Tony, Malkavian. Do not, ever, under any circumstances, call him Tiny Tony
Allegiance: None yet

The Klemtu Lodge

An all-First-Nations pack, their intentions in coming to Pacific City are crystal clear. This was native land, and so it shall be again, Kindred and Kine be damned if they interfere. Their Ductus is a surviror of the Awa’uq Massacre, and since then, he has sire,d or otherwise called to his aid, many a First Nations Gangrel. Animalistic, feral, and embodying the noble savage in its purest form, to cross these Hunters is to invite Final Death.

Pack Priest: Tiriaq, Gangrel antitribu
Ductus: Kaagwaantaan, Gangrel antitribu
Allegiance: Ultra-conservative

EDIT: Another tone-down. . I’ll just rip off the idea of the Widows coven from Montreal By Night.

The Dollhouse

In short:

  • BDSM-themed pack, with control over that part of night-life
  • All very, very much into the Path of the Cathari
  • A bit of Vicissitude flesh-crafting
  • Appropriately tragic, abuse-filled backstories
  • Consent optional, this is the Sabbat after all
  • Mental disorders abound

Pack Priestess: Mariko Kohoda, The War Doll, Malkavian Antitribu
Ducta: Creamy Jade, The Porcelain Doll, Tzimisce
Allegiance: None yet

The Claws of Caine

This once venerable pack has been whittled down to a Priest and a single shovelhead by the recent events. Their influence and name are still worth a lot, but these are dangerous nights.
Pack Priest: Sarkis Gevorian, Assamite antitribu

Sabbat packs

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